Our Story

The 4 Arganeers

Just like the 3 musketeers, we want to stay loyal to our customers by offering an argan product of premium quality. That is why our motto is “Better a loyal customer, than a new customer”!

Mohamed Akaychouh, the founder of Arganstore, started this project because there is a need for more transparency about argan oil in the cosmetics world.

Large cosmetics manufacturers often only use a small amount of argan oil in their products, so it’s not possible to always get the desired result. There are also many sellers and webstores that are not offering premium quality.

The history of Arganstore

Arganstore is a close-knit family business on the initiative of Mohamed Akaychouh. Together with his sister Chaima and his brother Yassin, they founded Arganstore about three years ago. How did that work? You can read it here.

Since childhood, the Akaychouh family has been using the Moroccan gold. They always had a fresh bottle of argan oil in house, which came straight from Agadir. At the time, the oil was mainly used to care for the hair of Mohamed, Chaima and Yassin. The result? Healthy and shiny hair. Later, Chaima also used the argan oil for her skin. As a result, her interest in skin care and general health grew, resulting in her taking up higher studies as a pharmacy assistant. 

les freres

Chaima started to use argan oil in her daily routine. When her bottle – which came straight from Agadir – was empty, she started looking for a local replacement. However, the search for argan oil of the same high quality was always a real task. Chaima then decided to join forces with her two brothers, and this is how the concept of Arganstore came about.

The concept of the three musketeers was simple: bringing high-quality, pure argan oil onto the market. The only thing missing was a fourth musketeer. Just like in the original story. The fourth musketeer was Hafid; the confidant of Arganstore in Morocco. Hafid lives in the argan regions, and knows the product incredibly well. Under his watchful eye, Mohamed, Chaima and Yassin could sleep on both ears that their product was produced to the highest quality standards.

Mohamed then visited many different cooperatives in Morocco together with Hafid. On the penultimate day of their trip, they then found a suitable partner and producer for their product. They grow the kernels themselves, select the very best ones and squeeze them manually with an eye for the right conditions, so that all the active ingredients are preserved in the best possible way. To this day, they provide our customers with a fresh, finished product of premium quality.

Our production process

As mentioned earlier, our partner in Morocco grows its own kernels, selects the very best ones and then squeezes them by hand with an eye for the right conditions.

In addition, they have the necessary certificates, and his laboratory is hygienic and professionally equipped. For example, they have a unique hydraulic press.

In this mechanical press, the oil is pressed out of the pits by means of pressure. So there is no water or heat involved. The oil that is pressed out of the kernels is therefore 100% cold-pressed. An absolute added value, because cold-pressed argan oil is best absorbed by skin, hair and nails.

We hope that, just like us, you will benefit from the fantastic properties of argan oil:
A true miracle cure, given to us by Mother Nature.
Mohamed Akaychouh

Certified product

We are very proud that our premium Argan oil has been bio-certified since March 2020.